Operation Palantir

"And now we move on to our main story for the night. We are joined by Alana, who is at Indrajya where thousands of people are marching on to the legislative assembly"

"Hello Mr. Das, as you can see behind me, a crowd of more than 10,000 are marching on to the central legislative building, demanding that our dear Prime Minister, Indu Damodaran take responsibility for the violence that has been allegedly carried out by her party cadre in few parts of our country, what you can see ...."

"I thought you were saying the major media wouldn't cover it Mr. Kabil, you are my intelligence adviser after all" Indu said mocking, muting the TV.

Mr. Ajay Kabil, the intelligence adviser, was surprisingly calmer than usual, "Well ma'am we do have limitation when they march in Indrajya, we were hoping the protests would have been restricted to the pockets."

"I don't see anything good about this Mr. Kabil"

"Well ma'am I think there is, I have submitted the detailed reported in the office,so we did fly-bys with fake mobile tower drones and managed to capture little over 18,000 telephone numbers, of which we assume roughly 14,500 are of protestors. The analysis of the photos gives about 15,500, we have very clear identities on roughly 95% of those numbers.

The good news ma'am is that you don't have to worry, roughly 11,500 are from constituencies that your party has never crossed 10% of the votes"

"I am not worried about their votes Kabilji, I am worried about the optics of the whole damn thing. If not for all this coverage I know how to deal with this, I don't need your help for that", Indu was quickly losing her patience.

"Yes ma'am, violence would be ill advised at this stage, and we believe we can do better. Any bad move now and believe me this will grow to be a protest of hundreds of thousands of people.

An analysis of the network among the people has allowed us to pluck out the top 10-15 highly connected people, the major people involved in organising this protest. Cut them out and we will only have to deal with a set of clueless people from faraway regions"

Ajay continued, "We did a wide spectrum analysis of their activity. Many of these people themselves or their families owe money to various banks. We have medical records on a few indicating including psych evaluation. Additionally we have other interesting findings, For example check this out ma'am - Mr. Kumar's daughter had filed a complaint with the local police about sexual harassment at her work place. Mr Raghav is going through a divorce case involving a hard fight for the custody of his children. Oh I forgot, we have photos of the Roshan couples with the terror suspect Bilwaal"

"Are you saying that the FNM is involved in this? How did I not get to know about that till now, and why are you treating it so lightly"

"Well ma'am no, FNM is not involved in this, the photo is an old one from the Digna district court where these people were merely waiting for their separate cases to be heard... long before Mr. Bilwaal joined FNM, but I am sure I don't need to give you pointers on how to spin this on social media.

The final part is that we have is that we also can freeze the accounts of the non-profit, for about 6 months because they did some silly error in their tax records about 12 years ago"

"I see" Indu had by now cooled down quite a bit, "Ajay, but even if we take these people out, 15,000 still a large number for me to deal with in the capital, however clueless as they may be"

"Yes ma'am, we did reach out to our media contacts, the gist is that they will be forced to cover this as long as it happens here, but if we could get them to go back, the protesters are hardly in a demographic the media covers. We can then use our standard media handling playbook"

"It is not like I can go out and ask them, 'Kindly step away from Indrajya', these people are out to destroy me"

"You wouldn't have to, as I told you the protesters are from limited regions, we could get them to go back in a smarter fashion"


"Ma'am there are two major regions we need to take care of Tangasandra and Marvana.

Tangasandra has just had its monsoon, these protesters and their families live in areas with limited access to clean water, if we could deploy the weaponized L3X1 germ, it is a extremely safe when it comes to lethality and permanent effects, but causes people to be tired and bed ridden for a couple of weeks. Additionally you can blame the regional government there for utter irresponsibility.

Now about Marvana, which has a corn harvest in coming weeks, most of the people here have their families back there involved in it, if you remove the import restriction that we have on it, it will crash the price in the area. Based on the data we have on their economic status, these people here will be forced to go back immediately, and possibly in a few months even become migrant labour.

Additionally government records indicate a large percentage of the protesting population are dependent on various government schemes, a simple data error somewhere would force these people to go back to deal with the issues. This one combined with the loss of leadership will be quite a force to reckon with"

"Seems like you have a plan, what do you think will happen?"

"Ma'am if everything works, we expect the number of protesters to drop well below 3000, and using our friends in the media, we can push a narrative of abject failure of the protest. We would have saved the government without firing a single bullet, and with no violence you can keep your head high."

"Good luck Ajay, you can go ahead, it is the most humane thing we can do"